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My books are very much autobiographical. The major focus has been on the passion that Deb and I have for cruising but I have also chronicled some more personal moments of my life since retiring. All the books are currently available from Amazon as Kindle downloads, and all but one in paperback format.

Cruising Books

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In April 2012, the author and his wife Deb returned home from a cruise that had circumnavigated the world. It had been an adventure that lasted more than three months and changed their lives for ever. Supposedly a one-off retirement present to themselves, the experiences opened their minds far more than they could have imagined.
Within a couple of months of coming home, they were seriously considering a repeat of that world cruise, and soon they were looking at the adverts and brochures again.
After various health issues that delayed the adventure, the couple finally set off from Southampton on 9th January 2017 on board P&O’s Aurora, for their second voyage around the globe.
Would the experience be as good as the first time?
This book follows George and Deb’s story as they spent the winter away from chilly Britain to sail across the oceans of the world.
Discover what it was like on such a long voyage aboard a cruise ship, the food, the entertainment and the friends they made.
Imagine the sights and experiences they had of the dazzling cities of Europe, Asia, Australasia and the Americas. Share their amazement of visiting deserts, the beauty of Pacific islands, the flora and fauna of rain forests, and the enormity of a volcano.
A world cruise is not a fortnight in the Mediterranean sunshine; it is an serious adventure to explore different areas of the planet, to peek at the cultures and architecture, to taste local foods, to dip your toes in the oceans, and look at the smiles on faces, and hear the laughter of people on five different continents.
We live in a tiny fraction of a vast world, and there is so much out there to see, touch and savour.
Come with George and Deb as they search for new sunrises.


A_Cornishman Goes Cruising_Cover1My fear of flying proved to be a blessing in disguise as it opened up the world of cruising.
This book is ideal for people considering a first cruise as it begins by looking at our planning and preparation for a supposed one-off holiday of a lifetime. Then come with us we travel on a magical adventure that changed our lives.
For those of you who have already sampled a cruise holiday, this will bring back memories of the life on board. All the choices available alongside the thrill of waking up to a new location each day, plus some of the delights that can be expected during a fortnight’s escape from normal everyday life.
If you have never thought of going cruising then be very careful of reading this book in case it opens up your mind and turns you into one of the thousands of cruise addicts around the world.

A_Cornishman Cruises to Venice_Cover1With my lifelong fear of flying I assumed I would never be able to visit far-away places. My wife Deb put up with this phobia and holidays were never further away than the near continent until we discovered cruising in 2000. We fell in love with holidays at sea and have travelled all over the world on cruise ships.
Over the years there have been a number of destinations that left such an impression on us that we have gone back on several occasions. One of these places is Venice and we have cruised there five times on three different ships of the P&O fleet.
This book takes a look at those cruises and gives a small taste of the reasons why we continue to enjoy this style of holiday so much, and why Venice and a few of the other ports in the Adriatic are so special to us.

coverThe western Mediterranean has become a firm favourite as a cruise destination with so many sensational places to visit. Since 2000 we have enjoyed the sunshine and the ports of this beautiful history packed area of Europe almost every year.
This book takes a look at some of those cruises and focusses on holidays in the Western Mediterranean visiting, France, Italy and Spain as well as Gibraltar.
It also gives some ideas of why cruising is such a popular alternative to flying.

Around the World without Wings_cover 1In 2011 after many years of happy cruise holidays around European destinations, retirement beckoned and we looked to celebrate with another special holiday treat.
So on a cold January evening in 2012 we left Southampton on the cruise ship MV Aurora for an adventure that would change our outlook on life with a circumnavigation of the world lasting over three months.
Travel with us and share our thrills, laughter, and yes a few tears, as we discovered so many amazing countries, cultures, and experiences on a journey around the world.


More Personal Books 
Cover 3I have a belief that everyone should write about their lives to create a little bit of social history for future generations. So after returning from our round the world cruise adventure in 2012, and with the summer drawing to a close, I started to keep a diary that became the basis of this book.
When the filing cabinet is closed, or the tool-kit put away for the last time, most people have already planned and organised their financial arrangements but few can contemplate the mental changes and how to use the sudden glut of free time that comes with retirement.
This book is a candid diary of what occupied my time and the thoughts that ran through my head for twelve months. It is split into two parts with this first volume covering the winter months of 2012 into 2013.
There are wonderful moments as my senses become more tuned in to nature. The freedom to do whatever, whenever we wanted to brought Deb and I so much closer. Plans were made, and many completed, but some were delayed as obstacles had to be overcome. Of course there were sad and painful moments as well as my health faltered resulting in the doctor’s surgery, and the hospital outpatient’s department seemingly becoming my second homes.
So if you are close to retirement, or want to compare your own experiences to mine, relax into my world and chuckle, sigh, or gasp as the story of life during that winter unfolded.

Cover 7“Would You Like Some Plums” is the second half of the diary of my first year of retirement and looks at the summer months of 2013.
We completed the house move from Staffordshire to Herefordshire and made friends in the village as we relaxed into our new rural surroundings. There were many unexpected problems with the new house including a leaking garage roof, a failing gas boiler, ageing patio doors, and a chimney that needed upgrading. Overcoming these issues exceeded the budget planned for our move but they had to be addressed. Decorating the rooms presented more challenges, and outside a vegetable plot had to be created from a patch of lawn, but slowly each obstacle was cleared and the house turned into our home.
There is also a continuation of the saga of arthritic legs. My patience is tested to the limit as the move from one health authority to another creates a major delay in treatment as I faced a new GP and a new orthopaedic consultant.
As well as the bad days and difficulties there are also wonderful moments during a beautiful summer exploring the area and relaxing in our sun trap of a garden.
Open the covers of this book and sink into my world again. Hopefully you will chuckle, sigh, or gasp again as the story of a year of retirement comes to an end.

Cover 8

Like many thousands of people each year I was shocked when I was told I needed a new hip. This book shares my experiences leading up to the diagnosis and then the operation itself plus the first year of recovery.
Hip replacements are very common but I struggled to find out more than the basic facts of what the procedure involved, and certainly very little information existed for the quite lengthy recovery period.
To help others that might be waiting for a replacement, or have just had one, this book might help to clear up some of the questions and will hopefully give you confidence for the eventual outcome.


cover  This book is a rework of a previous book entitled See ‘e ‘gen Cornwall. Although much of the material is the same, the emphasis is on the author’s early years, and school life until he begins full time employment.


George Williams was born in Cornwall at a time when life was far simpler and slower than children experience today. Holidaymakers come in their thousands to Cornwall each summer, to enjoy the golden beaches, but many also become fascinated by the County’s Myths and Legends.  Tiny fishing villages are full of locals speaking in an accent that is both sweet and confusing to a visitor’s ear and stories are recounted of Pirates and Piskies while they eat the famous pasties or cream teas.

In this book the author candidly recounts the first phase of his life, as he makes his way from infant innocence, through painful hormone changes of adolescence, to the realisation that growing up means more than playtime.

He also tries to give a flavour of Cornwall’s uniqueness and beauty to those who have never sampled its delights, and attempts to share his love for the County.