Sapphire Wedding Anniversary

Deb and I have been married 45 years today.

They said it would never last.

We have had some wonderful years together, two lovely children plus a grandson.

Sadly, because of the Covid situation, we have nothing planned, and I haven’t managed to buy a sapphire for my wonderful wife. Perhaps we can treat ourselves tonight, and have another bottle of wine.

The day here at Roseland Parc is unpredictable with warm sunshine, which changes in just a few minutes to grey sky and the hint of drizzle. At least we fitted in a walk around the village during the morning to stretch our legs.

I spent most of the morning playing yet again with various video editing apps to see what works to my satisfaction before having to splash out and buy the full package. I had just about decided on what to buy, but wanted to check out a few final bits. Unfortunately I am now presented with the – “Your trial period has expired” message.

At least I have had one major success, and that was to convert a home made DVD back to a basic format that I can play direct onto the television from a USB stick. That enables me to get rid of the spare DVD copies, and store a backup in my software files.

Deb has just gone to have a workout on the Wii, and I will be having a session on the exercise bike for four tracks of my music. That gets me to about 5km.

Well, the lockdown is slowly but surely coming to an end, and hopefully that will also soon mean we can have access to our swimming pool again. That will give me an alternative way of pushing up my heart-rate and push my legs a little more.

Our grandson, Oliver, is not in so much pain with his elbow anymore, and will be getting a proper support cast tomorrow afternoon (Monday). That should be a lot lighter and allow him to be more comfortable.

Just a short update today.

Keep yourselves safe everyone.