The stairwell is Completed

Sunday morning we were quickly into our paint -plattered scruffs and ready to put the second coat of paint on our stairwell. After trial and error for the first coat, we kept ladder work to a minimum, and used the long-handled roller to get to all but the most difficult bit of the wall. Using the sponge on the long-handled pole also brought successes, but in the end there were some places that needed me to go up the ladder.

It was soon completed, and with paint, brushes. various towels and sheet covers tucked away again, we surveyed our work. OK, there were a couple of places that will need touching up, but they can be done once the masking tape is removed, and any remaining bits needing touch-ups can be found.

We gave a huge sigh of relief that a complicated part of the apartment decoration is now just about complete.

About an hour later, I could feel once again the aches and pains of doing something different. To be honest my knee was as bad as I could remember for some time. I really cannot work up a ladder without serious payback.

The remainder of the day was all about relaxation. The weather was hardly tempting us to go outside, so I spent some time looking at the TV schedules for something to interest me.

No chance!

In the evening I looked at the DVD shelves and decided on ‘The Theory of Everything’ that tells the story of Professor Stephen Hawking. What a really good story.

The previous evening we had watched ‘Les Misérables 25 Year Anniversary’, and we have enjoyed both evenings.

So, it is now Monday, and I had a horrible night with aches stopping me sleeping.

I got up just after 5:00 to stretch my legs. I had a cup of tea, and read for a while before returning to bed at about 6:00. I was ready to sleep now, but it was only sporadic. The local wildlife weren’t helping, and especially some rooks who were performing choir practice by squawking in the key of “Cahhhhhh!”

Even with very little sleep, I refused to change our routine, and was up to get the early morning cuppa as usual.

The weather this morning was cool, cloudy and with an annoying wind.

No matter, we have the stairwell to complete.

It took us about an hour to prepare the battlefield again, and complete the project. This time it is definitely finished, and the empty paint pots, brushes and ruined footwear were sent to the bin.

Before having a cup of coffee, I was logged on to the Amazon site where I ordered a new pair of shoes for scruff-work, and a new pair of slippers.

After coffee and cake, I spent an hour looking at the online newspaper, emails, Facebook, and my author site. Ah yes, and I dozed off for a while as well.

Well, the TV schedules are running on repeats again, so it could possibly another DVD this evening. This week they are letting us recapture moments at Wimbledon over the last few decades. I enjoy watching sport, but I’m sorry, one of the greatest things about sport isy the suspense of not knowing who will win.

Even worse today, they have taken off ‘Father Brown’ from the afternoon schedule.

Ah well, I just have to wait in suspense for today’s delivery from Amazon to arrive.

Stay safe everyone.