Painting the Stairwell

Saturday morning. and after the usual slow wake up, Deb and I changed into our scruffs and prepared to paint our stairwell.

We had already painted the lower half the same colour yellow as the hallway, but the decision was to paint the upper section white, as a simple way of brightening up the dull creamy magnolia.

The stairwell is very high, and neither of us likes using ladders, so this was going to be quite a challenge.

So, with the carpet covered, and various rollers and brushes to hand we began. I started up the ladder and did what I could of the first area to be attacked. I was feeling extremely uncomfortable. Meanwhile Deb did a lower section, until that also became too high for her, and I couldn’t reach from the ladder position.

To get the ladder in a place where we could reach the outstanding high bits, it meant being at a very steep angel. Deb said she would take her turn up the ladder, but quickly decided the angle was too much.

Change of plan needed.

With a long handle roller we managed to reach all the bits, except the join position with the coving. After much thinking, we resorted to a sponge over the other end of the long handled roller. That enabled the last bit to be covered.

One wall was completed, so we took a break for coffee.

About three quarters of an hour later, we returned to painting. This time we kept ladder work to an absolute minimum, and with the long handled roller, plus the slab of sponge, we completed the task by a little after midday.

We now took about 20 minutes to clean up the ladder, steps, paint, rollers, brushes and plastic covering, and then a further 15 minutes cleaning ourselves of white paint.

We were both shattered as we had our lunch.

The weather today is cool, with a few moments of sunshine, and a very obvious wind. We were warned, and now have a few cooler days in the coming week.

Today’s television schedule from BBC 1 is rather weak. At midday it was Football Focus, and then after a 15 minute break for news, they showed a repeat of England verses Germany.

That is followed by a repeat of a programme with Prince William discussing mental health in footballers.

For a change there is then 20 minutes of National and Regional news, before the live coverage of the FA Cup match at Norwich.

Once that is over they have a repeat of a Pointless Celebrity show, followed by a Best of Michael McIntyre, before a chat show hosted by Peter Crouch. He of course, is an ex-footballer who has somehow managed to get a prime time Saturday evening slot.

After the news at 10:10 there is a programme based on the life and football career of Thierry Henry.

So, from midday, until a film starting at 11:30 there is about 5.5 hours of football action, 2 hours of football based documentaries (both repeats) a repeat of Pointless, a ‘Best of’ from Michael McIntyre, and 40 minutes of news.

Meanwhile BBC 2 are showing all but 1 hour of repeats, plus one ‘Greatest of’ programme, and then reruns of Glastonbury.

Wow, the Covid virus has really caused chaos!

Never mind, I still have Spooks to watch – oh is that another repeat?

Fortunately we have a lot of DVDs to watch.

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  1. Maybe I could send a duplicate of last year licence fee to the BBC!!!

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