An Hour at the Beach

So far this week, we have had some wonderful sunny and hot weather. Yesterday (Wednesday) we enjoyed the treat of the balcony, although it did get too hot after lunch.

So, this morning (Thursday) we packed a couple of bags, and set off for a nearby beach. Our chosen spot was Pendower Beach just a mile or so along the coast from Portscatho.

There is a narrow road for final half a mile down towards the beach, but that was the only part of the drive that caused any concern. A free car park had plenty of spaces, and that just left a five minute walk down the remainder of the road to the beach itself.

I suppose there was around 20 to 30 other people there when we arrived, and there was plenty of space. It is a sandy beach, with a few smooth stones that are easy to avoid. The tide was partially out, and this revealed a wide patch of sea-weed that stretched perhaps nearly 10 metres, of which about half of it was still submerged.

Having picked our spot, we went for a paddle. The visible sea-weed was partially dry, but perhaps a little uncomfortable to walk on the soft and slippery green stuff. The water was cold of course, and as the little waves rolled in, it brought more sea-weed up onto our legs.

I suspect that on the other end of the beach from where we stopped, the sea-weed patch was less obvious. That was where the majority of people we, and a small number of them were taking the full plunge and having a swim.

Deb and I lay on our car rugs and enjoyed the warmth of the sun. We were trying to remember when we had last spent time on a beach like this, and it was on our cruise last year in either in Honduras or Cozumel in Mexico.

We are not used to being on a beach, and I was quickly uncomfortable without some form of lounger for softness. We had a mini-picnic of a saffron bun and a can of coke. But it really was very hot, and after an hour we packed up and set off for home.

There was a shop open as we left, and we treated ourselves to an ice-cream. I can’t remember when we last had one of these.

We were back home by about 10:30, and now we can suffer several days of finding sand in various bags or bits of clothing.

The morning had been a pleasant experiment, and we now have a little list of things we need to buy, to make a beach more attractive. Some sort of foldable chair, and a parasol, top the list, but we also need some new sun-screen. Deb has also suggested she would like a wet suit, as the sea is really cold here compared to the Caribbean.

After lunch I went out onto the rather pleasantly cool balcony for a read, which quickly turned into a little doze. I woke to the sound of distant thunder, and grey clouds were beginning to obscure the sun.

Half an hour later it was raining, and the thunder was more obvious.

It seems our little short heat wave is breaking already.

I am sure we will be spending more time at the local beaches, but will be avoiding the popular north coast ones. We prefer a bit of space, and peace.