I’m Back

You many have noticed that I have not been posting anything for a fortnight. There has been a lot going on around the world, and my head was swimming in the confusion of what has been happening.

The backlash against a thoughtless policeman in America has started an almost concerted protest in countries around the world. I cannot understand how any person, (let alone a policeman) would ignore someone complaining that they could not breathe, and even when that person became silent, and presumably quite lifeless, he still didn’t react.

Perhaps in a moment of frustrated madness, he thought he could get away with taking out his temper on this man. But in this modern world, you can’t sneeze without a camera being pointed at you.

There was no excuse, he was a very stupid policeman, and that adjective could be changed to many others.

That ten minutes of madness has erupted with condemnation in all but a few countries. This moved from complaints of police brutality, to a full-on protest against many white-based societies. Their initial protests, and their following mass movements for equality for black and ethnic minorities, has resonated around our planet.

Sadly, these acceptable protests have sparked off the worse side of society, and turned into riots. It is no longer a protest, it is a full on excuse to just make trouble.

Perhaps it was a good moment to remind the world of the disgusting ways our ancestors used slavery to enable colonialist business men to make money.

I cannot imagine the physical and mental pain caused to thousands of Africans, as young men, women and children were rounded up and shackled in the hulls of ships. I wonder if the family and friends of those slaves ever got over the loss.

How could the sailors have allowed those poor innocent people to be forced to remain in the hold, with little exercise or food, as those ships battled through the storms across the Atlantic.

What did those poor innocent people think, when they were finally brought ashore, and sold off to the highest bidder. I cannot imagine their shock to then be forced to sow, tend, and harvest crops of sugar, tobacco, cocoa, and coffee, to satisfy the greed and ignorance of the British, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and many other countries who allowed slavery to continue.

I can just about understand why the rioters of the last fortnight decided that statues of these guilty business men should be pulled down, and street names changed, but surely this is not the correct way forward.

If we remove all trace of history from the public eye, that history will be lost.

What comes next?

Should all books that tell of the slave trade be burnt. Will future generations write this painful chapter of history out of our school lessons.

History of the slave trade must be maintained, and taught to children to show one of the most horrendous moments in the past. That history must show how the western world changed, and grew rich on the profits of those slaves, while the Africans gained nothing. The young have to be shown that mankind has made some serious mistakes over hundreds of years, as we strived to improve our lives, as the innocent lives continued without improvement.

If we do not learn about, and remember, the pain of our mistakes, our children may be tempted to make similar mistakes.

I will leave you today with something else to ponder on.

It was a fortnight tomorrow, that we were allowed to go outside and mix more freely.

The Covid virus takes about 10 to 14 days to infect a person.

Sometime this week, we will see if that freedom was the correct thing to allow us.

Don’t rely on the numbers of new deaths, find the figures that show new infections. If they begin to rise this week, we could be heading for another major spike.

Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “I’m Back”

  1. I heard 2 quotes in all the coverage of the protesting/violence
    1) Every saint has a past and every sinner a future (Oscar Wilde)
    2) If you fail to learn from history it will repeat the lesson (Winston Churchill)
    My niece is married to a black African/American who is one of the most polite, caring and helpful men I have met. All these events have brought it home to them the prejudice they have faced and what their baby may face.
    Take care and stay safe

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