Summer is Officially here

It is the 1st June, and that means we are now in summer time. The sun shone from dawn, and the sky was virtually cloudless. It is hot, but there was a wind taking the edge off it when we sat outdoors on the balcony.

After a mid-morning cup of coffee on the balcony, we set off in the car towards St Austell, to visit LIDL where we stocked up on quite a bit of our weekly needs. The shop wasn’t busy, but we did have to queue for about five minutes to get inside. It was quite easy to avoid the other customers, but there was only one till in use by the time we finished. The queue there was a lot longer than getting into the shop.

Tomorrow we have a ‘Click and Collect’ at Sainsburys in Truro for the bits we couldn’t get.

Finally we have got some compost. We have struggled locating any in B&Q, and the local gardening centres, but as usual the cut price shops seem to know how to get hold of things.

After lunch I set off on a walk around the village, while Deb set up our mini-greenhouse where the tomatoes will soon be residing. The plastic greenhouse had to be cable-tied to the balcony railings to avoid going walkabouts during the winds.

When I got home after the walk, I was shattered. I had chosen a route that went all the way to the bottom of the village, and then had to climb up the lanes and street to Roseland Parc.

While I panted and recovered my dignity, Deb finished the greenhouse, and is now preparing the pasties for this evening.

I am not sure if the Primary School was back in business today, but all over the country little boys and girls are meeting up with friends again, and teachers are probably starting to find out what they have all been up to for the last couple of months.

Our grandson Oliver is not going back this week, but will start next Monday. There are too many of his year to restart at one go, so the teachers have split the group, and building up the numbers. They will no doubt discover the problems, and come up with new ways of keeping the children safe during the next day or so.

Well, it is mid-afternoon, and I think its time to make some coffee, and perhaps have one of Deb’s home made scones.

Bi for now.