Special Treat Today

I had a night with very little sleep. my Fitbit says I had over 8 hours but most of it was what the computer said was ‘light sleep’. As usual, I have no idea why I couldn’t sleep.

The sun was saying hello straight away, and the only clouds throughout the day were little wispy things. I was sitting on the balcony by 9:00 and still couldn’t get to sleep. It was a moment to plug in my music, and relax into a happy place that my music produces.

Deb came to join me, and I made a cup of coffee plus a slice of cake. Actually I lie, Deb had her usual Lemon Tea.

It wasn’t long before I got rather hot, and my skin was going slightly red. It was time to go indoors and I began searching for an expandable ladder so that we can decorate the hall and stairwell. With little space to store ‘stuff‘, we have decided to buy a telescopic ladder that will fit into our storage box when not in use. As usual, buying things takes me an age. I have to check, compare, and thinks about it, before checking and comparing again.

I gave up searching and spent half an hour on my book. It is about a third of the way through now, although I suspect the later chapters mightn’t be quite so detailed as the early ones.

Deb began to make some bread, so there will be a treat later on. While that was sitting on the balcony to allow the dough to rise, it was time for lunch.

We had a healthy salad today, which I turned unhealthy with a slice of pork pie.

While sitting quietly with my mind puzzles after eating, the doorbell rang. It was a delivery man bringing me my grooming kit.

I am totally fed-up with the hair and couldn’t wait for hairdressers to open up again. After quickly checking that it was working, I put the shearing exercise on hold, and went for a walk.

We had a shopping delivery today, so while I had a walk, Deb tried out the exercise bike, while waiting for the shopping to arrive.

My walk took me on a route we used some time ago, that takes us through the valley opposite our balcony. It was hard work with a long climb to finish on.

Back home, with no shopping as yet, I prepared myself to attack my hair. I went into the cloakroom, with just underpants on, and began to shave off my excess hair to the longest setting available on the shears.

… it looked a bit of a mess, with a huge pile of hair on the floor

I asked for assistance, and Deb came and cut off the bits I couldn’t reach, and tidied up my attempts. At the end I felt comfortable again. It has been nearly three months without a haircut, and it was terribly long.

After lightening the load on my head, I took to the shower while Deb vacuumed up the hair on the floor.

By the time I appeared again, Deb was putting the last of the shopping away. Tesco were early, and nothing missing from our list.

After a drink, I took to Amazon again and after a final check, compare, and pause to think about it, the ladder is ordered. It will take almost a week to get here, and that will give us time to decide on a colour to paint the walls with.

Quite a successful day from my point of view.

Almost time for ‘Tipping Point’

Look after yourselves everyone.