Tuesday 26th MAy

It is a gorgeous morning.

There was some mist when I got up at 7:30 to make a cup of tea, but half an hour later it had been burnt away by the glorious sunshine.

After reading the paper – he still won’t say sorry – I was out on the balcony (topless) listening to the birds. The little sparrows are getting more accustomed to us now, and are happy to eat from next door’s fat ball without twitching and flying away when we dare to move.

The sky is absolutely clear blue, and the sun feels as hot as we have felt this year so far.

Yesterday evening I watched the various news items to see if Mr Cummings would resign, say that he had made a mistake, or even to say he was sorry to have upset so many people.

I would like to apologise for spelling his name incorrectly yesterday, I didn’t check if what I was writing was correct, so have possibly upset a few of my readers. I am sorry for my mistake Dominic Cummings.

After those various briefings and news broadcasts Deb and I sat and watched a programme about making toilet rolls. Somehow that was more interesting than the news.

Please don’t get me wrong, I understand the situation is as bad as it has ever been in my lifetime, but wall to wall broadcast about Covid 19 is de-sensitising me.

In a few days time, we might see another spike in cases, as the two weeks of lockdown release, mean that new infections could have occurred. I really hope the numbers are low, and we can slowly relax as the summer truly begins.

I think it is also the moment when the briefings concentrate on how many new cases are reported, and perhaps where any ‘hot spot’ areas are. The number of deaths is still painful to read, but it is the number of new cases that is the important figure now.

Sadly, the current number of Covid 19 deaths per day is less than deaths from heart attack or strokes.

Oh dear, I still haven’t got my happy Mojo back yet, and this is another negative post. Perhaps the next one will be a little more positive.

Stay safe, and enjoy the sunshine, if you can.