Shame on You

There are times when I just want to speak my mind on a subject that has infuriated me.

… and this is one of those times

Last year, Boris succeeded in convincing me to vote Conservative for the first time in 40 years of elections. I did it because he gave me the feeling that he wanted to do the best for the country. He succeeded in this as we came through the last few weeks of the Brexit discussions, and again with his forthright announcements about the Covid 19 virus attack. He brought the country together, and we have gone through a very painful few weeks of lockdown to enable the lights to begin to shine again.

But now we learn that one person, who was almost certainly a part of the discussions, and decisions, that Boris announced to us, decided he was different to us, that those same rules didn’t apply to him, and he broke them.

Yes, I mean Dominic Cummings.

Whatever excuse, whatever what sort of emergency he perceived merited his actions, he broke the rules and travelled most of the way across our country to live away from London.

I am sure there were reasons that he thought required this action, but he was potentially taking the virus to a different area of Britain, and possibly spreading it to a different group of people.

At that exact same time, there were tens, hundreds, thousands, and maybe tens of thousands of families with the same fears, but they followed the guidelines, and stayed where they were.

At that same moment there were grandparents, and parents, desperate to see, and cuddle their children or grandchildren, but instead they stayed where they were.

Sadly, some of those people possibly never saw each other again.

At the same time hundreds and thousands of families were enclosed like battery hens in high rise apartment blocks, with no gardens, play areas, or even a balcony to get air and exercise – but they suffered in silence.

This weekend, the country turned to Boris, to tell Dominic Cummings to pack his bags and quit his post. We thought he should go, just like the other leading figure who broke the rules over the last few weeks.

… but Boris has supported him, and said he did what every parent would do.


Now I have lost confidence in Boris. I now believe all the rumours about wrong decisions at the beginning of the outbreak. I believe the government did ignore the Care Homes and lets thousands of poor, frail old people to die without their loved ones to say goodbye.

Shame on You!