SUnshine again

Saturday 2nd May, and the sun was shining again.

After the usual check of the news, and social media, Deb disappeared into the bathroom to fil her medicine pill pots, and I looked at the green fields and trees beyond our balcony. Spring has performed its magic again, and the skeletons of trees have gained their deep green canopies, and the scruffy grassy fields are luscious pasture again.

Now wouldn’t it be wonderful to explore outside of our lockdowned retirement village.

Deb now had a stock of pills ready for the next few weeks, and I took the rubbish to the site bins. As I turned to walk back I saw the car with the latest covering of seagull decoration.

It was time to take a bucket of water and a sponge to their unnecessary artwork. Over the last three weeks, the car has been driven once, and I have had to wash away the offending graffiti three times.

I was rewarded with coffee and chocolate cake on my return.

Thes sun was calling loudly, and we both went out onto the balcony to make the most of the warmth. Deb continued reading the paper, and I dissolved myself into my music, until it was lunchtime.

While digesting a toasted sandwich, the doorbell heralded the postman. He came with a cover for my tablet, so there was 10 minutes of playtime with that. It came with a little pen type object to poke on the screen rather than covering it in grease, and that is superb.

After that excitement, Deb and I set off on a walk around the site, had a chat with one of the other residents on the escape committee, inspected the ponds, and tried to annoy a cat that was proving was being antisocial.

Back home again, I decided to watch a film, and chose “That Damned United”. Deb suffered it for 30 minutes, but then went to play on the Wii.

Time for coffee again.

With the film over, I washed my hair. It is getting stupidly long now, and I am wondering if I should make a short term investment in a hair salon for when lockdown ends.

So that brings me up to date with life at Roseland Parc. I have written this on my new tablet, and so I might have missed some of the spell check suggestions.

Our daughter has just rung to catch up with us, so that’s enough for now.

Stay safe.

3 thoughts on “SUnshine again”

  1. Your comments about the “bird graffitti reminded me of some rhyme my Granny used to quote
    ” Spring is sprung, the grass is riz I wonder where the birdie is?
    There it is, up on high. It’s dropped it’s whitewash in my eye!
    I will not moan. I will not cry.
    I just thank God cows can’t fly!
    Best wishes and stay safe.

  2. I knew a slightly different version of that rhyme:

    Spring is sprung, the grass is riz,
    I wonder where the birdies is?
    The bird is on the wing.
    But that’s absurd –
    The wing is on the bird!

    1. Hi, Deb
      Yes she used to quote both versions but as a very young child the first version used to make me laugh as it seemed ruder. (I am sure you are aware of the level of humour of a primary school age child)

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