Some good and some bad

It is another Saturday of lockdown, and the weather is not looking very nice. It is cloudy, cool, and there is a chilly wind.

I began the day by trying to get our money back for the holiday in the Channel Islands. After studying the options, my first move was seeing how to get it back from the credit card company. That looks to be very positive, but I thought I was would try the Travel Insurance idea first.

I attempted to make a phone call to the claims line, but a sweet American lady told me they were closed for the weekend.

Next attempt was to claim online, and half an hour later I had submitted a claim, and I now have to sit back and wait for their response. At least I have the credit card option to fall back on if necessary. Perhaps there will be a way to sort this out.

It was time for coffee by then.

Next we decided to go for a walk as it appeared to be at least dry.

Back from stretching our legs, there was some very bad news in a letter from the Retirement Village company. It appears that they have tightened their rules even further.

We are now not allowed to leave the village at all:

Not to have a walk

Not to go shopping

That was really bad news. The really bad bit is that we have no way of getting a shopping delivery slot, and we can’t even have a ‘pick and collect’ order, as we can’t get to the supermarket to collect it.

I think on Monday we will have to have a word with the site manager to confirm that these rules applies to us – and then cry for help to get food.

After lunch I settled down to forget the troubles, and watch another film I recorded recently.

It was ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ and it made me chuckle.

When it was finished, Deb went to play on the Wii and I decided to let you all know that we have joined the millions of others who just want this to end.

Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Some good and some bad”

  1. Hello. I am pleased you are also exploring the credit card option for your refund. I get annoyed that companies seem to like to think we should dance to their tune. Best of luck! I find it hard to believe the management can virtually keep you prisoner. If so for your groceries they should arrange to collect them for you. As an alternative all councils have a “hub” using volunteers to deliver groceries to those unable to get to the shops themselves so it may be worth contacting your local council if needed. Sorry to seem to be an interfering busybody keeping giving advice but I can understand your frustration. Stay safe and best wishes

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