Thoughts for the week

It is a grey and grim day with overcast skies, a wind that’s increasing in strength, and the promise of rain before too long.

… time to have a rant again!

Firstly I am going back to my thoughts about the Liverpool football team putting out a weakened side in an FA Cup match. Well, they did put out a weakened team, but they still managed to win and go through to the next round. I feel so very sorry for Shrewsbury Town who fought and battled during the game, but sadly they failed.

The the stars of the Liverpool team had a rest, and now (along with the other overpaid Premiership footballers) have even more time off with a Spring break. Meanwhile the Shrewsbury players will be playing again this weekend and battling in the lower half of League 1. Their dreams of getting another game in the FA Cup have gone, and no they don’t get a Spring break to recharge tired limbs for them.

Apart from the selfish decision by Liverpool to take away the dream, of a lower division team, to play against some of the finest players in Britain, it also means that Shrewsbury have a team of young men probably mentally destroyed, and physically exhausted. Their spectators will have also been saddened by Liverpool’s decision, but will turn up again on Saturday to watch their hero’s.

The FA Cup is not all about the ‘best of the best‘ competing for the famous cup, it is also the dreams of the lower division teams to play, and sometimes surprise, the ‘best of the best‘.

I wonder if Liverpool will play the same eleven players in the next round, or will they decide that playing against Chelsea is slightly more important.


My next rant is about US Politics.

Don’t get me wrong, Donald Trump was fairly elected to be the president – but as a world statesman, he has a great number of failings.

The way he publicly chastices other countries for decisions he dislikes is terrible, and announcing major issues on Twitter might be modern, but hardly professional.

Then he ignores the world on such things as Global Warming, and worse still, accuses those of us who agree we have a problem, are scaremongering.

I think if we had to chance to make an input to US Politics, we would also ask for him to be impeached.

But it would be a waste of time, as the act of impeaching a US President appears to be virtually impossible.

It has to be agreed by both houses of the State, and by a considerable majority. Worse still, the majority of the Senate have the ability to vote if witnesses can be called to speak. Based on that rather unusual legal rule, it really will have to be a very major crime by the President to actually be impeached.

Sadly for the Democrats, their attempts have almost certainly guaranteed a further four years of Mr Trump in power. I fear that by the end of that, the world might have accelerated into un-recoverable melt down, and the chances of major wars will be even worse.

Rant over, its nearly time for lunch.

Have a good weekend everyone, good luck to the English rugby union team, and if you are in Britain, batten down the hatches until storm Ciara passes.