More Rain

After a very pleasant few days break last week from continuous rain, it has come back again. Worse still we even had hail rather than rain.

Never mind, the cold, wet, and wind, is the price we pay to ensure we enjoy the warm times to come.

… well hopefully anyway

I have been doing a bit more on the project to get rid of some very institutionalised lamp fitting for some more homely lights. There is just one left now, but sadly is in our lobby area which has a low ceiling. The planned lampshade will be too low and the door will hit it. While pondering on what to do there, I did a bit of the filling of holes in the ceilings crated by the previous fittings.

Now, all that work required standing on a step ladder, and much to my annoyance, that has encouraged my knee to become painful again.

I hope it is just a temporary setback and the pain will soon go again. My fear is that the steroid injection from last week may have already worn off.

Elsewhere, I was thrilled to see the English cricket team have won the test series against South Africa. Now I wonder if they can keep up the standards and win again in Sri Lanka.

A brief mention here about football. The FA Cup has reached the serious games where the big boys of the Premier League attempt to kill off the hopes of the lower league teams. Sadly there seems to be an attitude by the rich Premier clubs to almost discount the FA Cup as being a trivial competition.

When I worked at Goonhilly Satellite Station during the 1970s and 1980s, this was the absolute pinnacle of the Football season in England. The final each May was one of the most watched matches throughout the world with satellite broadcasts going east and west with multiple commentaries for the countries.

It was the biggest broadcast we had annually, and on the same level as the Olympic Games.

It is so sad to see that football clubs are using it as a way of resting their millionaire players, and send out a weakened team. They usually still win, but it deprives the supporters of the lower league teams of the spectacle their team competing against the household names.

I think this is an insult!

Those lower league teams can’t rest their players, and will be fighting against another team in a few days time to keep their place in their league, or to challenge for the chance of promotion.