Time for the Dentist

Monday morning and it was time to go back to see my dentist.

We had discovered that there are very few National Health dentists in Cornwall, and they all have very long waiting lists. So Deb and I were embarking on a change of life by using a Private Dentist. Well, a week ago we had been given a check-up which showed that I needed a filling. So content that my bank balance could cope with this, I was now sitting in the chair with injections, drills, and pain awaiting me.

Late on in life, there are often moments when mistakes from our childhood years come back and bite us.

… sorry for the pun

I did not look after my teeth as a child, in fact I completely ignored the need to clean my teeth, and gorged myself on chocolate and toffees whenever possible. I was frightened of dentists. This was probably because there was a school of thought in the 1950’s, that it was a good idea to extract all of the baby teeth, if there was any hint of problems. Hence my doctor instructed my dentist to take out all of my teeth in two sessions.

This resulted in horrble pain, rediculous amounts of blood, and a fear of dentists for a decade.

When I did decide to seek help for my decayed adult teeth, there was a lot to be done. In all fairness, the dentist (Mr Milne) who had been the one who took out my baby teeth, was actually a very good dentist, and some of his fillings were now coming under scrutiny over 40 years later.

The current session of treatment took 40 minutes, excavating the original lump of metalwork, drilling away the new decay, and refilling the cavern.

I was eventually back home after a huge bill for the work, and with a numbed face that quickly turned into a very painful mouth.

Three days on and I am finally accepting the new feeling in my mouth, reduced the consumption of painkillers, and am almost chewing food normally.

In the new year there will be yet another new treat of seeing a dental hygienist who will be scraping, polishing, and generally sprucing up our gnashers.

… at more cost

Perhaps we should continue to look for a NHS dentist and go on their waiting list.