Catch up before the weekend

On Wednesday evening we enjoyed a really fun couple of hours with a special evening meal in the site’s dining room, that was accompanied by a Murder Mystery challenge. Most of us took part with a role and we had to talk through our character and answer questions to try and see if we were the guilty person. The food was very pleasant, even if the vegetables were a little overcooked, but the Chocolate Souffle dessert was absolutely wonderful.

These meals are usually once per month for a chance to get people together to chat and laugh. Deb tends to cook an evening meal each day, so this was our first time. It was a chance to judge the food before we decide on booking a Christmas meal which the majority usually go to. They are having meals on several days to give people a choice and to avoid family get togethers. Deb and I will be with our children on Christmas Day when we will meet up with Lynsey and Andrew in Somerset at our daughter’s home.

After our meal we settled into a couple of hour’s with the television to watch the ‘Apprentice’ and ‘I’m a Celebrity’. OK they are marmite programmes that are loved or hated, but we look forward to this period of the year when they get aired. Of course our viewing was made better by sharing a bottle of wine.