Trip Out

One of the pleasures of living in our retirement village, is that they organise and take residents out on trips. Each month a new batch of trips appear on the calendar for us to decide what we fancy doing.

Yesterday it was a trip to the nearby St Austell Breweries where there is a visitor centre, and a restaurant.

… nearly all of the trips have a café or restaurant involved.

The site’s mini bus was full up with 14 of us, and the journey was less than 30 minutes. On arrival we had the visit described, before setting off with an enthusiastic and obviously knowledgeable guide. Her first task was to give us a free drink to get our taste buds interested in what we were about to learn about.

It should be pointed out at this point that as a younger person I drank a lot of lager, but rarely ‘real’ ales, or brown coloured beers, so this was going to be dipping my toes where they have never been before.

Anyway, we saw the various stages of brewing, with the the vats, pipes, kegs and bottles, and the hour or so was rather interesting. It is a huge operation creating hundreds of thousands of pints of their very popular beer annually.

With the educational show around the site complete, we had a chance to sit and sample (small amounts) of a range of beers, including speciality ones. Our group took part enthusiasticly in this exercise, but a few of us occasionally had to put a brave face on when we sampled some of the stranger tasting drinks.

… I don’t want to offend St Austell Breweries, but I think I will stick to what we used to call ‘cooking’ lager, or wine.

After the samples we had our lunch, which was really tasty and with superb service. The morning was then rounded off with a visit to the shop and a free bottle of beer each to take away.

This was a lovely morning out, and well worth visitors to the area trying out on damp days.