Sea Day, Cadiz, and a Sore Throat

Tuesday 5th November

What was a tickly cough during the singing on Monday, became an annoying sore throat yesterday, but overnight it became absolutely awful. I woke at around 2:30, and when I swallowed my saliva, it was as if it had become sharp peices of a boiled sweet, that got stuck at the back of my throat.

I had to get up and search in the medicine box for a throat lozenge.

As I slowly sucked the sweet, the pain eased a little, but I was now wide awake and it took ages before I finally felt tired enough, and comfortable enough, to drop back into sleepy land.

The remainder of the night was not good with constant waking up moments for a drink to keep the pain away.

Meanwhile, Oceana was becoming a bit of a roller coaster ride in some large lumpy seas. I wasn’t suffering sea-sickness, but as soon as I got up to put the kettle on, I took my stugeron as a precaution. The captain promised bad weather, and he was correct. As the day went on, the sea got more and more angry, and walking along the corridors became hard work.

Deb wasn’t very comfortable either, and spent the morning on the bed reading her books and working on the tablet. This was the first time she had missed Fit Steps for the cruise. I did eventually go to the choir practice, but simply sat and listened. There was no way I would be able to sing without coughing, and I certainly didn’t want to pass my illness onto the others.

Deb and I did have a break from the cabin to go up to the buffet for a snack at lunchtime, but I was not happy watching the horizon moving all over the place. I was glad to return to the cabin to shut my eyes and let the ocean sail by.

I managed to venture out to the theatre to watch a chat between the Cruise Director ( I will keep using that title) and the 13 Headliner singers and dancers. That passed an hour, but during the chat, there was mention of rare moments when shows get cancelled because of bad weather. I think this was alreadyy being considered for their show tonight.

Sure enough, late in the afternoon the announcement came that the show was off. It was repalced by the film ‘Yesterday’ based on the music of the Beatles.

So as Oceana continued boucing and corkscrewing her way towards Cadiz, Deb andI watch this film in Starlights. It was a simple plot line, but the music made it absolutely wonderful… for us anyway.

It was time for bed, and with my throat no better, I dosed myself with everything that looked vaguely useful and tried to go to sleep.



Wednesday morning, and we were already docked in Cadiz when I made the morning cup of tea. The ship was no longer moving up and down, but we were in the shelter of the harbour of course.

My throat kept me awake once more, and after breakfast, I gave in and went to see the doctor.

After having my throat swabbed for bacteria by a young nurse, the doctor looked and listened to various part sof my chest and head before declaring thatI had ‘Acute’, something or other ‘itis’. There was no bacterial infection thankfully, and I was given some dissolvabal aspirin to gargle with, and some pills to hopefully disperse the muck that was hiding in the various bits of my head.

… oh, and a bill for £100

By 10:30 Deb and I were off Oceana and having a walk around this very familiar Spanish City. There was nothing on our shopping list, and the total spend was 6 Euros on coffee and churros. So far we have spent less than 40 Euros during our adventures in the 5 ports.

Back on the ship, we had a quick lunch, followed by me having another gargle. Then we went up onto the top deck for what was probably our last chance of sun worship for the cruise. It was cooler today, but still very enjoyable.

Tonight we dined in the Beach House and thoroughly enjoyed superb service and a lovely meal.

After that we sat in the Atrium for nearly an hour. Unfortunately the pills from the doctor are sending me to sleep, and with nothing to go and watch, we gave in to an early night.

I gargled, took my pill, sucked a lozenge while I read my book, and before 10:00 I had turned off my light and heading to the land of nod.

All in all I am very annoyed that I have succumbed to the dreaded bad throats that thrive on cruise ships. It is stopping us doing things, and I am sorry for Deb having to put up with my constant coughing, and my lack in interest in doing much.

The one good thing is that the sea is not so bad tonight, but the captain has warned us that it is going to be very very rough as we head towards La Coruna.

There is a sea day tomorrow, and we have our loyalty tier lunch.