Three Weeks at Roseland Parc

Yes, it is three weeks today that we moved into our new home. We have met several of the other residents, and we are becoming regulars at the morning coffee and afternoon tea get togethers.

Deb is currently painting the bedroom (she has always been the decorator in this partnership). With a giant wardrobe arriving in the next few weeks, it is vital that the room gets painted before it comes. Once in place, I don’t think we will be moving the wardrobe again.

After the first coat of paint is applied, we will have a cup of coffee and then set off for the week’s shopping adventure. Today we will be trying out another supermarket (fourth so far) to help us decide which is to become the favoured one.

The news today is concentrating on the parliamentary fiasco. A huge number of people have rebelled against Boris Johnson’s ideas, and the press have joined in with the choruses for the right of democracy. Sadly, the press are so biased towards the remainers, that it appears the right of democracy has been forgotten with respect to the vote in favour of leaving the EU. I cannot see any way we will leave the EU now, and we will probably be penalised financially for being ‘bad boys’ by the rest of the Euro Club.

Is that really democracy, or is the press (mainly the BBC) deciding which part of democracy suits them?

Enough of politics.

I am so very happy today with the official Blog Counter hitting the 70,000 mark. It is actually a seriously higher figure than that, but the counting app seems to use a different set of criterial to recognise the ‘hits’.

Tonight I am going to the local amateur dramatic group to a meeting about the annual pantomime. They are always looking for men for these shows, and I quite enjoy a bit of acting the fool. Unfortunately, I am not sure if my voice is strong enough anymore, but perhaps there is something I can do without too many lines.

That’s enough for now, except to say a big ‘thank-you’ to Rebekah for posting a really wonderful comment on here. It is good to hear from the readers – and especially if it is a true comment.