At Home in Cornwall

Well, Deb and I have been in our new Cornish home for just over a week. We moved in on Wednesday 14th August and since then we have done little else than empty cardboard boxes and try and find places to put all our worldly goods.

Oh what a lot we have got!

There have been several breaks to go shopping, trying out Sainsburys in Truro and Asda in St Austell. Currently Sainsburys is winning the battle for our custom, but there are other options to experiment with.

On Tuesday we had another shopping moment that took us to a local furniture shop to find ourselves a wardrobe. I won’t mention the name of the store, in fear of annoying them, but they were incredibly expensive, and the quality of the wardrobes didn’t appear any different from what we have seen elsewhere.

Anyway, as we crept away from this shop, we spotted a large high-street chain that might be more to our bank balance. After 20 minutes in there we had bought a wardrobe that looked quite similar to what we saw in the first shop but with a figure 2 missing from the front end of the four figured price.

That will be delivered in early October, so until then we will continue with our portable stands in the bedroom. We spent a lot more money on Tuesday when we booked ourselves a cruise for the end of October. That will be on Oceana going to the Canary Islands for a fortnight. It was really cheap because of a complete re-programming of the ship’s planned schedule after cancelling all cruises to and from Dubai.

So what else have we been up to?

Well, the pair of us have been ploughing through correspondence and attempting to update our details with the vast numbers of organisations and businesses we deal with. That is not a pleasant game, especially as neither of us can remember our new telephone number yet and have to have it jotted on a piece of paper wherever we are working.

I think we have completed the vast majority of the important ones.

On Sunday we went to Truro to find a new charging lead for Deb’s tablet – the original was left in a hotel bedroom. We also bought a small storage box for one of our balconies, and a bench with storage for out side the front door. They will take some of the items that couldn’t be found a home inside the apartment.

There was afternoon tea on Sunday evening when we met up with a few of the residents. There are several of these gatherings during the week based mainly on coffee and cake, although a couple feature the bar being open as well.

Deb managed a first swim in the pool yesterday (Wednesday) but I am struggling with my arthritic joints and needed a quiet sit down instead.

The box situation is getting better with just a single figure number of cardboard boxes hidden in a cupboard. The walls are finally sprouting pictures, and the stress levels have reduced. Deb is currently sitting out the front of the bench with her tablet, and I can hear quite a regular series of “Hellos” as people pass by.

We have been invited to a late afternoon tea on Monday at one of the nearby neighbours. They are as interested in find out out about us, as we are about them.

Late this afternoon (Thursday) we have appointments with our new doctor. He might be content with Deb’s problems but I could be less popular when I recount my history, and list the joints in trouble at the moment.

OK, I think it is time I made a cup of coffee for us, so I will get this posted.

All being well I will be updating life in Cornwall more regularly as we make ourselves at home.