A Break from Moving

On Wednesday we were going away for a couple of nights to get a break from cardboard boxes and legal frustrations. We weren’t leaving home until after lunch so I decided to call the removal company to check all was well.

There was a message to say that the number I had dialled was not available.

I checked, and retried a number of times with the same response.


To cut the story short, we attempted mobile numbers, left messages on Facebook, but with no success. I decided I had to drive to find their depot, and I had to do it before we went away.

Sadly, the postcode address did not get me anywhere near a removal company yard, so after several ‘U Turns’ and searches down lanes, I gave up.

Before returning home I rang Deb to see if there had been any responses…

“the number you have dialled is not recognised”

Realisation dawned. It was OUR phone line that was faulty, not the removal company’s.

I got home and explained to Deb my thoughts, and attempted to ring the removal company on my mobile.

Success, and all was well again.

It was time for lunch, and then we set of for the 70 mile drive to the Billesley Manor Hotel in Warwickshire.

Sitting in 11 acres of grounds near the village of Alcester, the hotel is around five miles from Stratford upon Avon. It is a stunning 16th century manor house that has been extended and turned into a beautiful place for a bit of quiet relaxation.

It has over 70 bedrooms that are all comfortable, and range from those created in the many yard buildings, to those in the manor itself. They are all large , light, and airy. We had one that overlooked a topiary area of the gardens with Yew Tree sculptures to delight, and sometimes confuse the mind. In the distance we could hear the splashing of a massive fountain that sat in a lawned area where there is even a helicopter landing zone for those very exclusive visitors.

The room’s bed was gigantic and there was plenty of wardrobe and drawer space… for a short break anyway. The bathroom had a long bath and good fittings with space for bits again. The room even had a discrete low level light to avoid having to turn on the main light with its extractor fan in the middle of the night.

My only reservation about the room was the noise made by the ill fitting doors of the wardrobe and bathroom.

Our meals were included in the package and I enjoyed the dinners each night as well as the usual choice at the buffet breakfast.

Of course the drinks were expensive, but with wine also included in the deal, we didn’t spend a lot.

There was however one problem with the hotel. It was infested with wasps. If you sat with a drink in the bars, or outside on the terrace, you were immediately visited by the little creatures.

The staff simply told us to ignore them, but I have always had a personal hatred of the stinging beasts. I am sure that if approached, a local pest controller could have done something to sort out ‘Wasp World’.

Anyway, we weren’t overly concerned, and enjoyed the many quiet spots in the gardens to read and doze away the stress of moving home. The pool was quite large and we used up a bit of energy in there as a change from relaxation.

I would recommend this hotel for anyone looking for a little bit of relaxation from life’s stresses.

On the morning of our stay we drove to the ‘Park and Ride’ system just about three miles away and used it to go into Stratford on the bus.

This was absolutely perfect to avoid the traffic, and very good value.

In Stratford we looked around and spent half an hour in the amazing Butterfly Farm. There was time for coffee and cake of course before we made our way back to the hotel.

By Friday lunchtime we were home again to our cardboard boxes, but our heads had been cleared of stress, and I felt so much more comfortable with the week to come.

The phone line has not been restored. Apparently it would take longer to book an engineer to reconnect the line, than we will remain at this address. At least we still have the internet, and the mobile phone, but it is a little frustrating with the amount of calls that will be needed over the days leading up to the move.

So, once again we have to sit back and wait for the legal process to grind on. Tomorrow (Monday) the solicitor should be back from holiday, and will sign the form on his desk when he gets in to work. When that gets back to the conveyancing solicitors, the process can kick back into gear, and exchange should be possible.

On Thursday (hopefully) we will be waking up early, and beginning the final bits of packing. Our removal men should be here by just after 9:00 and we will be able to set off for Cornwall before lunchtime.

On Friday morning, after a night in the guest suite at the retirement village, we will wait for the phone call to confirm completion and pick up the key of our new home.