Still in Hereford

We should have been travelling to Cornwall today on a journey to our new home.

But no, it has been delayed yet again.

And not delayed by just a couple of days either. Our move has now been re-arranged for 9th August.

The problem is still a document from the seller’s solicitor. It is the Licence to Assign document, and it has been on the solicitor’s desk for over a week, but he is on holiday, and remains on holiday until next week. As the Executer of the previous owner’s estate, this form can only be signed by him.

To make things more convoluted, our buyer’s mortgage agreement has expired today, and so as to be re-agreed, meaning a few more days delay.

Hence, the ‘House of Carboard Boxes‘ that is currently our home is now feeling very ‘un-home’ like. The tape on some boxes is now about to be removed to look for sufficient bits to keep us going for 10 days. But the problem is, ‘Which Boxes?

In the meantime, we have been shopping this morning, and are currently considering going away for a break in a luxury hotel where we can be pampered, and not asked questions about our move.

Oh, and its raining!

Bi for now from Mr and Mrs very frustrated and angry.