Farewell to Oriana 12

Wednesday Afternoon

As the day progressed, the weather turned cloudier and the sea became lumpy. The wind strength was increasing, and concerns that we would not be getting ashore on Guernsey tomorrow were raising. The weather forecast was not promising.

After the Battle of the Sexes, that the ladies lost by just one question, Deb and searched for somewhere to have lunch. We ended up having a sandwich in the buffet. The lack of bright and warm weather means everyone is trying to find somewhere inside, and because we have a busy period between 12:00 and 1:00, we struggled.

On the way back from lunch I considered going to watch Bohemian Rhapsody in the cinema, but is was standing room only. Never mind, I have seen it before, and more opportunities to watch it again will come up.

We spent the afternoon relaxing, having tea and cake, and generally enjoying our last few hours on Oriana. Once the afternoon quiz was over, we put on our formal gear for the final time (this cruise) and had a glass of fizz in the Crow’s Nest.

Dinner was the Marco White gala menu and I had Beef Wellington because there was nothing else appealing. I am sure that Beef Wellington with a crisp(ish) coating is very nice, but the version on board is not. I peeled away the soggy pastry, and ate the meat.

It was a quiet evening because timings were all wrong to see the lady magician again. Deb and I did begin a quiz on television shows, but gave up after realising it concentrated on American shows. There were just two British created programmes, and after moaning about the content, we gave up. The quiz host made a note that this particular quiz is really not targeted at a British audience.

The remainder of the evening was all about reading in Anderson’s.

By the time we went to bed at 10:30, Oriana was bumping about more than at any other time on the cruise. Around 1:00 in the morning I woke and the noise of the wind and miscellaneous banging was horrendous.

Sleep was not easy to come by.

Thursday 27th June – Guernsey???

The noise and movement did eventually subside, and I got some meaningful sleep. I woke at 7:00 wondering what the chances were of getting onto Guernsey. The navigation channel showed we were sailing along the south coast of the island but the sea conditions didn’t look good. Just as we were setting off for breakfast at 7:45, the captain made the predicted announcement and confirmed the plans for Guernsey were off.

It was a little quiet around the ship as people came to terms with the news. Many passengers had tours booked, but they at least get their money back. The adventures and possible memories were not going to happen.

It is 10:00 in the morning now, and I am in Anderson’s catching up on my dairy. Deb is back in the cabin attacking the bulk of the packing. I keep out of this when the sea is anything other than flat calm. I struggle to pack in these conditions without feeling ill. Fortunately, Deb is rarely affected by the motion.

The entertainment team have organised and published a plan for the day to cover the unexpected sea-day, but around me in this lounge, most people are quietly reading and perhaps wondering what could have been.

Tonight, the Headliners are performing ‘We’ll Meet Again’ in the theatre, and a jazz trio are performing in the Pacific Lounge. We won’t be getting involved in either of these offerings. The Headliner’s show is a flag waving and audience singing show, and we avoid such things. I understand the passion for reminiscing and pretence of national pride, but I feel it is becoming out of date. Soon no-one will be left who remembers Vera Lynn singing the iconic song for the first time, and we need to find a new way of celebrating being British.

Final Update

It is 3:00 in the afternoon now, and the rough sea has continued. Activities are most definitely in door only.

The captain came back with an announcement a little while ago with an update. We had already noticed that Oriana appeared to be on course for Southampton, and that she was going quite fast. The captain informed us that there was a medical issue with another passenger, and it was decided the best option was to get back to Southampton as quickly as possible.

We are now due to be home by around 10:00 tonight. This will be for the casualty transfer only, and we will not be able to disembark until the morning.

This will be my last post now until we get home. I can summarise the 12 nights then without waiting for the internet to do its stuff.

Bi for now from Oriana

One thought on “Farewell to Oriana 12”

  1. Thank you for your informative blog. I am in Southampton looking forward to joining Oriana to pay my last respects on the next cruise and noticed on the port website that she was in this evening. Having read your blog I now know why.

    AIS suggests you may do a Needles transit – not to be missed.

    As for Oriana we will never see the like of her again. I was privileged to sail on the maiden in 1995 and walking on board her when she was new and replacing much loved but old tonnage like Canberra was just amazing. For me her passing really is the end of the once great British shipping company called P&O she is all that is left of those great days.

    We have already transferred our loyalty to Regent – stunning!

    Safe journey home.

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