Tuesday 9th October – Gibraltar

Overnight Azura sailed south and west towards our final stop at Gibraltar. The sea was calm again and this has really been a cruise with friendly seas.

I woke and made tea at 7:30 as we were just moving sideways to the berth. It was still dark, but within a few minutes the Rock appeared through the gloom. There was a layer of cloud over the top of the familiar cliff, and the deputy captain warned that although it will be warm for our stay, rain showers are predicted.

He was correct. We walked in to Main Street in the dry, but returned (having spent nothing) with our anoraks on as a few showers began.

As usual our stop in Gibraltar was simply to stretch our legs before the final two days at sea towards Southampton.

For lunch we intended to get a hot dog or burger from the take away, but the deck was being used for a barbeque. Not to be beaten we simply had a burger and hotdog from the barbeque options. It was probably not as good as from the takeaway, and we still had to get chips from the takeaway counter.

We spent most of the afternoon sitting on the balcony as Azura left Gibraltar. Our ship made her way out of the Mediterranean towards the Atlantic. The weather was perfectly fine by now and no sign of the rain we had this morning. The captain says the sea will be calm with only slight winds for the passage up the coast of Spain.

For dinner we used the buffet again where there was a Great British selection. I thoroughly enjoyed the fish, mushy peas and mash. It would have been chips but they were on a different serving counter and I gave up looking for them.

One of the other dishes available was a ‘Traditional Cornish Pasty’ and I couldn’t resist trying one…

…well, a bit of one

It fell short of most things about a Cornish pasty, and after many years of seeing these on a ship I finally decided to complain about it.

Hopefully the Food and Beverage Manager will get the message that this Cornish foodstuff can only be called Cornish if it is made in Cornwall, and even if they said it was ‘based on a Cornish pasty’, it should at least look like one, and have the correct filling.

This evening we will be going to the Playhouse Theatre for yet a different comedian called Chas Burnett. Once again, we don’t recognise the name, so perhaps yet another new comedian us.

It does appear that the entertainment on this ship is more varied than on the smaller ships, and the acts are not the same old ones we have been seeing for years.

Yes, the comedian was superb and took the Mickie out of teenagers with fat bellies and tattoos who spend too long on their mobiles.


He told jokes and parodied various songs with a guitar. This was a good show, even if it did offend several people…mainly the teenagers!

After the show we struggled our way to the other end of the ship, and up to the Planets Bar for a drink. It was packed once more with people continually arriving to find a seat, and failing. It was too noisy to talk so after our wine was finished, we moved the Glasshouse for a chat over a nightcap before bed.

Azura is beginning the northerly journey back home. The sea is just beginning to suggest a bit of a swell as the ship is pitching. I hope this doesn’t get too much worse.