Home again

Friday 12th October – Southampton

We both woke with the sound of the ship spinning around in the Solent before docking at the Mayflower terminal. Our cruise was over except for the breakfast rush, and waiting around for the call to disembark.

As usual disembarkation was a farce. Passengers crowded in lounges and bars trying to find somewhere to sit. We were in the early priority group that filled the Blue Room and Glass House, and we did begin getting off just about on time. We were directed on a route march along various corridors and down the stairs and then another snake across the Atrium to the gangway.

We began disembarking at about 8:50 and we were in the car and away from the hotel car park by 9:30. People were probably already nearing Southampton in their cars, or waiting in hotel lobbies with their cases, all looking forward to their cruises.

The journey home wasn’t too bad, but we were shocked by weather forecasts and warning about strong winds and rain. It is amazing how the weather could change so quickly.

Deb and I were home, and suitcases inside by 1:00. We had a welcome home plate of beans on toast, and then set to work on emptying the cases, and putting clean clothes and other bits and pieces away. The washing machine began two or three days of serious work to catch up, and we attacked the various bits of post from the previous 12 days.

The cruise had been enjoyable, and a chance to try out a large ship again. There had been good points, and we had a lot of fun, and met lots of very nice people. The cabin had been as good as we hoped, and the range and quality of the entertainment brought smiles to our faces. Of course, we didn’t enjoy everything about Azura, but we are probably in a minority group who prefer the smaller ships.

It is difficult for me appreciate that thousands of people find the Mega Ships amazing, and these people cannot understand why others of us find them so alien.

We all have different tastes, and the choice of ship allows P&O to attract the majority of the cruise market in Britain.

Well, the cruise is over, and we look forward now to another in about seven weeks. We will be experimenting again, with six nights on a tiny ship from the SAGA fleet.

I will post one final batch of thoughts about the cruise on Azura, and the ship itself. I want to wait a while and think carefully about those 12 days.

So for now Bi, and enjoy your cruising.