A Glorious Hot Weekend

Oh what a weekend. The sun shone from dawn till dusk, there was hardly a breath of wind, and we are alive and enjoying life.

Saturday began with a quick trip to Hereford City to pick up our holiday photos, and then we drove to Allensmore Nurseries. This is a commercial nursery that normally just  supplies major supermarket chains and garden centres, but once  a year they open their greenhouse doors to the public.

Our garden has many of their plants, and this was our opportunity to find something for a patch I cleared that is more shaded than other parts of the garden.

Of course new plants dictated the afternoon and we spent a couple of hours with me planting the new greenery, and Deb transplanting various plants in the greenhouse.

It was not easy to keep going in the heat, but we persevered before giving up the gardening and took to our sun loungers to enjoy the golden source of Vitamin D.

During the day we ate lunch and an evening meal outside on the conservatory with the parasol protecting us from some of the most intense sunshine I have known for some time.

In the evening  I was relaxing in the relative cool lounge when Deb rushed in with news that the magpies were attacking our fruit bushes.

Beautiful maybe, but I hate these birds that scavenge eggs and chicks from our more pleasant birds, and always on the lookout for a free meal. Pinching our gooseberries was a step too far.

I covered them temporarily, and satisfied that I had foiled their pilfering, Deb and I shared a bottle of wine to relax after a busy day.

On Sunday I was off to the garden centre to buy the necessary bits to fit our fruit cages to our tasty harvest to come. There was nothing else to consider doing today before the raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries, black-currants and red-currants were protected.

As the sun blazed down Deb and I set about the poles, netting, tape and string. It took from mid-morning until 4:00 to complete the barrier….and we were shattered from the heat.

It might have been my imagination, but as we sat under our parasol with a cold drink, I could detect an angry cackle of the magpies in the nearby trees.

It was shower time, as we had an early evening appointment in the pub for the monthly quiz. It is always advertised to start at 6:00 so Deb and I, plus Michelle and Ken from next door, get there on time. But it never seems to start until and hour later, hence a good ploy to get us drinking longer…do we argue?

There were only six teams this month and after nearly three hours of laughter and mind searching, it was a very close result.

No we didn’t win but were only 4 points behind, in a quiz with 60 points maximum score, and a really good fun filled evening.

It was still hot as we went to bed, and I knew it would be a struggle to sleep, but wow, what a wonderful weekend.