Summer Has Ended

Summer has ended

Well here in Britain the summer has definitely come to an end, but a lot of you are just beginning your summer.

Since coming back from our cruise on Adonia in August, I have been busy sorting out the garden and preparing for the winter months. I have been so busy, that I haven’t found time to put any posts on here for five weeks, so it really is time to update you all.

In the garden the bulk of our vegetable plot has been harvested. As well as two sacks of potatoes, the freezer has a good stock of runner beans to last us through the winter. We have a small patch of vegetables still growing with carrots and beetroot at the moment, and possibly some parsnips to come. The last of the tomatoes have almost been eaten, and they have been absolutely delicious with so much more taste compared to shop bought ones. There is also a lot of fruit in the freezer, although maybe the rhubarb is becoming less popular.

Then there is the latest project. The plastic greenhouse in our garden was dismantled this week to make way for our new bigger glass one that is due to be delivered tomorrow (Tuesday). With some better weather forecast for this week I hope to be able to get it built as soon as possible. The base has been expanded to fit the new greenhouse and all is ready to get started on construction.

That just leaves the matter of our shed. The one I bought when we arrived here four years ago was cheap, and it was sadly not very good. The roof is bowed and leaks, and the wood has warped and opened up to the elements. It would be nice to get a new one before the winter really sets in, but I might just put up with the leaks until the Spring.

Of course it hasn’t all been work, as we had a week in Cornwall to see my family, and to remind ourselves of how delightful the county of my childhood is. We stayed in a small cottage on a holiday park that was purely a base to sleep in, but it was quite nice really. The weather was good enough to explore the Maritime Museum in Falmouth, as well as Pendennis Castle. Deb and I also visited a couple of gardens and a historical site, along with a morning in Penzance.

…oh, and it was good catching up with my brothers and their wives.

This still leaves the real reason for not putting anything on the blog. I have managed to get the enthusiasm back to begin writing my new book about the World Cruise. I struggled initially because every time I tapped away on the keyboard I ended up with a headache. I suspected it was due to the way I worked with the laptop on my knees. So I have now built a little stand to support the laptop while I use it on a table at a much better reading height. Amazingly the headaches have stopped, so the book is coming along nicely.

Turning to my health issues, I am still progressing through the stages of sorting out my knee. Last week I began a physiotherapy course. There is a group of about a dozen of us with similar knee or hip problems, and we discuss aspects of pain and ways to avoid the final resort of a joint replacement. Then tomorrow I begin a separate class of physical exercises to strengthen my leg muscles, so hopefully they will support my knee joint better, and stop the bones grinding together.

There are seven weeks of these two sessions, and only time will tell. At the moment the exercises I have learnt about are making me hurt more than usual, but presumably the old saying of: “No Pain, No Gain” could be correct.

At the end of this course of physiotherapy we are going on holiday again with a short cruise down to Spain on Oceana which is a ship we haven’t been on for several years.

Finally I am looking for a new car. I have been to seven garages over the last week to look for something that looks good, is the right size, and at an acceptable price. I haven’t done too well so far, but moving away from the idea of a brand new car has given me the option of nearly new demonstrator cars. They offer a much higher specification of car with very low mileage, at a price I can afford.

Well that is a very quick resume of the last few weeks, and hopefully I will publish my news on a more regular basis now.

Oh, one really pleasing bit of news (for me anyway) is that I have sold two copies of my latest book which has been ignored for a year. So finally ‘A Cornish Boy Grows Up’ is being read. I think it is a good book about my childhood years and people will enjoy it.

Anyway, enough for now, and once more, thanks to everyone who has visited the site.


4 thoughts on “Summer Has Ended”

  1. Hello George & Deb, I have read almost all of your books and was thrilled to come across your blog and read about your most recent world cruise adventures.
    My husband and I have recently discovered cruising and are going on our first P&O Cruise on Oriana in December. We have cruised with RCI and NCL so it will be interesting to see what P&O has to offer.
    I dream of going on a world cruise but retirement is a long way off ( over 20 years) so reading your blog is the closest I will come to going for some time .

    1. Hi Nicola
      So glad you like George’s books and our blogs – and doubtless you’ll like Oriana too! She’s a relatively old lady now, but still scrubs up well (bit like me…). She was our first-ever ship, so will always be special to us. You’ll probably find her much smaller than the ships you’re familiar with, and she definitely has a more traditional feel than the newer monster-liners.
      We’re off on Oceana at the end of October, so there’ll be diaries and blogs from us both about that.

  2. Our first P&O cruise was on Oceana. Hope you have a great time on her as she is really lovely. Of course there is cafe Jardin which is always a bonus. We hope to go on her again next year, after abandoning her part way through our cruise on her in June.

    1. It’s nine years since we last sailed on Oceana, so really looking forward to seeing if/how she’s changed!

      Agree with you about Cafe Jardin (loved Cafe Bordeaux on Aurora,too), but I think that’s going with the November refit. Such a shame.

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