Feeling my age

It’s 50 years this week since I and about 70 others started at our grammar school.  We were divided into three first-year tutor groups, and most of us were totally overwhelmed, having gone from being the oldest at our various primary schools to being the youngest, smallest and most shy at this huge (in our eyes) campus.

We were the last children in our region to sit and pass the old 11+ exam, as it all became comprehensive then.  So we felt we were a bit special.

I stayed at the school until I’d done my ‘O’ levels in Year 5, then I went on to college.  Some of my contemporaries went straight out to work, and others stayed on at school for their ‘A’ levels.  And one sadly died before getting that far – RIP Jenny.

We’ve taken many different life-paths since  1967, but many of us are still in touch and see each other occasionally.  We’ve even had a couple of big reunions!

So happy anniversary to any of you who might read this!

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