Deb’s cruise diary – 16-17 April

Sunday 16th April – at sea – Easter Sunday

Temperature today = 20oC

Another post-breakfast deck walk, then not a lot for the rest of the day.  The hour-long dance classes were the rumba, which we were concerned might be a bit much for George’s hip and knees.  To be honest, losing an hour each lunchtime is really screwing up what had been a happy daily routine for us, as the various activities have to be concertina-d up, making everything a rush from one place to another.  But I’m still going to the Battle (well, I am the ladies’ captain!).

With Richard and Angie we managed to win the late quiz in Masquerades, and took our prize bottle and four glasses up to the syndicate quiz, where we started well, but faded as the wine was drunk – any connection, I wonder?

I had to resort to banging on the cabin wall at 12.30 – our inconsiderate neighbours had their TV on even louder and later than normal.  We can hear it slightly any time they have it on (Sky or BBC news most of the time), but they must have been watching a film or something as there was a lot of music.  Anyhow, as soon as I knocked it went quiet, but that might just have been a coincidence.  We’ve not heard any of the previous occupants of that cabin, just this couple.


Monday 17th April – at sea

Temperature today = 19oC

George went to Reception and reported the noise last night, so hopefully that’ll be an end of it.

Our deck walk was followed by a visit to the Alexandria restaurant for the World Travellers’ final coffee morning.  We just had a quick drink and a small piece of fruit cake before leaving again for Roger and Ann’s dance class.

Many years ago we began to learn how to do the Saunter Together sequence dance.  For some reason we never completed it – but today we have!  The class this morning and the one in the afternoon took us through the moves, and to our delight we remembered what we’d learnt before, and easily mastered the ‘missing’ bits.  Result.  We’ve also bought Roger and Ann’s two instruction DVDs so we can remind ourselves of all the new things we’ve learnt on this cruise.

With nothing of interest in the theatre (yet again.  More operatic singers and classical music.  Really not good enough on a world cruise, P&O) we spent the evening with our friends again.  And fortunately when we finally got to bed there was no excessive noise from next door.

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