One week after the operation

Sunday 31st January and tomorrow it will be a week since I had my operation to strengthen the stomach muscles to avoid potential hernias in the future.

Now it has been painful, and rather frustrating as I avoided moving fast or doing many of the things I am used to doing. Most of these things involve lifting, carrying, or other forms of physical activity that has to be forgotten as a temporary measure while I recover.

The thing I hadn’t anticipated was that my tummy has swollen. Stupid really as it is obvious after being poked and pulled around by a surgeon for half an hour, but I hadn’t given it a thought. Anyway it means that my trousers struggle to go over the inflated beer belly (not that big really) and so I have turned to joggers and the odd pair of trousers larger than my normal size. Of course they try to fall down but I can’t use a belt as that cuts into the wounds. I have three little holes starting at my belly button and going down about two centimetres apart.

My recovery was going well with the discomfort reducing, and my movement speeding up. That was until yesterday when, without any warning, I sneezed…


I really thought I had done some major damage but a day on it seems everything is still fine. I had to be sure so we went to see a doctor at the hospital this morning and he has told me to rest and take it easy for a while longer but everything is OK. He recommended I use an ice-pack to reduce the swollen tummy and this will also help with the discomfort. So on the way home from the hospital Deb popped into Tesco for my personal bag of frozen peas.

On a more positive note for yesterday, I was allowed my first bath. The dressings on my wounds were soaked off as I relaxed in the water, and that was followed by throwing the surgical compression stockings in the waste bin.

For those who have never had to wear them, they may well be important to avoid DVT problems, but I can assure you they are unsightly, rather tight, and hot…especially at night.

Speak to you all again soon.

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Hernia operation over

Tuesday 26th January.
Well, I had my operation yesterday and although the surgeon didn’t find any damage, he decided the area was weak so strengthened it with various bits and pieces. I think there are a couple of iron girders in there somewhere if the pain is anything to go by.

Hopefully this is now the end of the ‘pain in the groin’ problem.

I must say that the private hospital experience is rather pleasant. Instead of a small ward with four people, I had a slightly smaller room to myself. The nurses were very attentive and I felt like it was my operation rather than the next lump of meat.

I got home before 8:30 in the evening and after eating again I took my final dose of painkillers for the day and went to bed. This was not pleasant as I struggled to get comfortable. I did manage to roll onto my side for a few dozing moments, but most of the night was spent on my back wondering if the pain will ever go away.

This morning the pain was excruciating and my tummy seems to have grown. Moving is not on my ‘most favourite list’ and getting dressed caused me to grovel on the floor to get clothes out of drawers and then several minutes wondering how to get a sock on.

It will be a few days before I get comfortable again and the surgeon said it would be a month before I could really know if this has solved the problem.

Now, is it time yet to have some more painkillers?

It is time for another trip to hospital

Tomorrow I have to be at the hospital to have an exploratory operation to see if I have a hernia. It is a long story but nearly four years ago I was told I had a small hernia. Well, it got forgotten as various tests meant that I needed a hip replacement which was far more important.

The hip replacement went well but I still had pain in my groin. Nearly a year ago I spoke to my GP again and finally the suspect area of my body is going to be investigated.

Even with the most confident opinion about hospitals and surgical procedures, I still don’t like temporarily handing my body over to an anaesthetist and surgeon. The hip operation 18 months ago was a very painful and life changing moment and there was no intention of going through anything like it again but the pain I am suffering from my groin cannot be ignored.

So at midday on Monday 25th January I will be signing in at the Nuffield Hospital in Herefordshire.

“Ooo”…..I hear you say

…”He must be doing well with his books to afford a private hospital”….

Sorry to disappoint you but I am an NHS patient having my operation with the Nuffield as a part of some agreement. It confuses me how such an agreement can be cheaper or more efficient but I am more interested in getting fixed to worry about it too much.

Anyway, hopefully I will be coming out several hours later with good news that the hernia was found and dealt with.

Of course there is a possibility that they won’t find anything, and that means several painful days while I recover from a wasted operation.  Then I will have to go to my GP and see what else can be causing my pain