Welcome to my world


Welcome to the world of a Cornishman who has left his birth county, and gone ‘upcountry’ to live.


My name is George Williams and I was brought up in Helston with our family home in Penrose Road. During my childhood I rarely left Cornwall except for short holidays to see relatives, but that changed when I started work at Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station, and training courses took me away on a regular basis. I saw a new world away from Cornish clotted cream, pasties, pirates, and piskies. That job became my career, and I eventually left to better my life taking my wife (Deb) and two children across the Tamar in 1989.

Now I have spent almost as long away from Cornwall as when I lived there, and holidays are the only time we go back.

We Cornish don’t forget where we come from. We are proud to be from there, and always see pictures in our minds of the expanse of the sea with rocky cliffs, golden gorse-covered moors, sandy beaches, fishermen’s coves and remains of old tin mines. We miss the simple language that confuses the visitors, and even mystifies other Cornish people living just a few miles away, where different words and phrases were used.

I still have family in Cornwall and always enjoy going back, but arthritic limbs make the journey long and unforgiving, so visits are rare. Now retired, I spend more time thinking of the past, and also try to write my thoughts down, and share them with others. My career involved many years creating technical training documentation, but now I write books about my passion for cruise holidays, and stories of my life. I am also a ‘silver surfer’ who took a long time to discover the internet as being anything other than a technical research tool, but now I enjoy the more personally fulfilling aspect of the net.

So now I have a web site where I can talk to the world. I can share my thoughts and memories with fellow Cornish people, or those who simply have a fascination for Cornwall.

What I would really like, is to hear from you as well.

Are you in Cornwall and want to share your thoughts on this website?

Perhaps you are Cornish but away from home and would like to catch up with the news from the land of St. Pirrin?

Maybe you are just a lover of the magical county and want to discover more about it.

If you have something to ask me, or perhaps to share, then email me at: aceott@trewelm.co.uk

Otherwise click on the links at the top of the page to follow our blogs and details of my books.

See ‘e ‘gen soon my ‘ansomes